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Dissertation Help provides planning and writing assistance for doctoral students worldwide.  Our approach stems from the lessons learned, helping people in all stages of the dissertation process.

Personal Tips

We provide dissertation tips based on our personal experiences, interviews, and literature reviews on completing dissertations.  These tips and strategies are designed to get you back on track fast. 

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Ideas for Success

We provide ideas and advice to help doctoral students with the dissertation process and are focused on helping each student prepare for conducting research and writing the dissertation and/or dissertation proposal. 

Information About Our Founder

Serving Doctoral Students Since 1998 | Featuring More Than 20 Years of Experience

Our Story

Our founder, Dr. Channahsorah, will help you break down the dissertation process and achieve true success doing your dissertation. Dr. Channahsorah has gone through the dissertation process herself and created this dissertation help service to assist anyone in the doctoral process.  We provide support and information for students who have just entered the doctoral program, who are already in the middle of doing their dissertation, advisors, and even family members of people about to do or doing their dissertation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring people who are doing dissertations out of the "fog."  We assist doctoral students in whatever stage they are in and help make everything easier, clearer, and understandable.


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