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Comprehensive Dissertation Writing Assistance

Dissertation Help focuses on providing planning and writing assistance for students in doctoral programs.  We provide dissertation assistance.

What We Learned (& Relearned) in Dissertation Land

The need for mutual understanding has never been so evident to us as it has been during the months, days, and hours of pounding away at a doctoral dissertation.  Those who have experienced it have described the process of completing a dissertation as a grueling, demanding, and a steep slope to climb.

Comprehensive Dissertation Writing Assistance

The months, or perhaps years, it takes to climb to "Summit Doctorate" are, in fact, grueling and demanding. Over the eight months or so of early doctoral work, including planning and preparing the all-important proposal, we learned that tireless persistence is the most important quality needed.

Over the nearly-a-year from the proposal defense to the dissertation defense, we learned that once you've invested time and effort designing exactly what you're going to do and exactly how you're going to do it, completing the planned work can be much less taxing than planning the work out of dust in the first place.  And again, we learned that dogged persistence is the most important quality to maintain.

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